Streets of Sighişoara

A walk through Sighişoara (See-guee-show-ah-rah) is like a journey back in time. Located in Southern Transylvania, the city was built by German colonists called “Sachsen” (Saxons), who settled beginning with the 12th century, invited by the Hungarian King to secure the borders of just conquered Transylvania. They came allegedly from the ares of today’s Rheinland-Luxemburg. They built a chain of well-organized villages and city-fortresses, 7 of them more important, giving the German name of Transylvania – Siebenbürgen, i.e. “7 castles / fortresses”. Sighişoara was one of them. Today it is apparently the only inhabited original medieval citadel in Central and Eastern Europe and one of the most beautiful towns in Romania. If you ask me, the most beautiful. The city was built on the top of a hill, surrounded by defense walls and towers. At the top, the most important buildings of a city – school and church. At the bottom, the city hall and houses.

Each defense tower was built and maintained by one of the city’s manufacturer guilds.The highest and strongest tower served till 1898 as a city hall, since then history museum.

It is called the Clock Tower and it is the landmark of the city.

The city is small, easily walkable in less than half a day. Its charm lies exactly in this walk.

Usually, in summer streets are more and more crowded with tourists, albeit nothing like in famous European tourist centers – few people have, yet, heard of Sighişoara, and of those, even fewer get to go there, as it is not exactly on everyone’s way home.

But this winter, the narrow streets of cobbled stone were almost empty.

Let’s take a walk. Through arches

and timegates

passing by the House with the Stag

up towards the school

through the 176 steps long covered wooden staircase from 1642

Most of the houses are from the late 16th, 17th and 18th century

and some even look that old 🙂

some don’t.

Time to stop at a local Inn for a rest and a hot wine with cinnamon.

Then we can go down

to have a view at the citadel from… “downtown”

and a look at the Tinners’ Tower, the Joseph Haltrich High School and the Church from the Hill.

back up

for a view of “downtown” (actually, just a few rooftops).

Finally, for New Year’s Eve, a look at the fireworks from the top of the “Vila Franka” hill, from a restaurant a friend of mine called “Batman House”.

Happy New Year!

More postcards from Sighisoara, here. For wikifans, here are the wikipedia and wikitravel pages.

Sighisoara location

Sighisoara location

One response to “Streets of Sighişoara

  1. Jan July 9, 2011 at 04:43

    I would love to walk those streets–in the winter with the snow-fog and my footsteps …

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