Luduş, off the beaten track

A small city lost in the Transylvanian hills, on the road from Târgu Mureş to Turda-Cluj, Luduş is completely off the touristic track. Even for Romanians – as for foreigners, I don’t know if you need more than two hands to count foreign tourists who’ve evere been there.

But for those related in any way to the place, it’s always a pleasure to come back.

Integrated in a typically Transylvanian landscape, the city spreads between hills, which, if you stop for a moment and look, give a feeling of peace and quiet.

The picture is taken from the Salcâm “stop”, a motel on the road which is probably the only touristic spot in the area – at least the only one i’ve seen. The offer is related to modern exploitations of the specific hilly landscap – e.g., ATVs

next to the usual handicrafts.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to go to the city center, just snapshot some crops specific to the area (they’re already ripe! autumn’s coming soon…)

and off we go.

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