Singing carols

If you ask me what I love about Chrtismas, I will say to you – Romanian traditional carols. I find myself every year touched by the carols magic. I sing with my sister to our family, since we were little, 4 or 5 popular carols on the eve of Christmas. You can listen them below, in Romanian language, because the original is always the best.

“O, ce veste minunata!/ Oh, what awoderful news”

“Steaua/The star”

“Trei pastori/Three shepherds”

“Am plecat sa colindam/Carol-singing”

Two days ago I sang my first carol this year. It opened the door to winter holiday atmosphere. The weather is a little bit behind, because outside it is raining. I think I will go seeking for snow in Bucovina, a very beautiful area from Moldavian region. But until then, I will look again and again to my favorite films, made especially for remembering winter traditions in Bucovina. Let’s watch together!

The bear:

The goat:

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