Brand Dracula – to be, or not to be

Romanian tourism minister Elena Udrea recently declared that she will not include the brand “Dracula” in the Romanian tourism development strategy (Google English translation of the article, here).

Her point of view got endorsed by the owner of the castle, Duke Dominic of Habsburg, who made a similar statement (translation here).

None of the above statements mention anything about any evaluation or analysis they might have done on what the “brand Dracula” actually represents, or maybe how much it is “worth” – e.g., what percentage of foreign tourists come to Romania because of Dracula today.

My overall impressions are that

a) Dracula contributes to attracting a significant percentage of “non-business” tourists to Romania
b) Self-promotion has played a very small part in creating this “Romania/Dracula awareness” abroad

For point a), I’d like some proof before killing an asset we have for free in our yard (how about using it better vs. killing it?), and if point b), is true, then implementing these declared intentions will have little effect on reputation, and if so, rather negatively affect the experience of tourists actually coming to search for Dracula, since they won’t get anything they came looking for – e.g., information.

Overall, I found the contrast of the issue in discussion to the title of this website quite interesting :).

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