Spring terror

Oh, no. Spring again. When did that happen? Wasn’t Christmas like… yesterday?

The arrival of spring brings, beyond spring asthenia and short skirts on streets, the toughest three weeks of the year for the average Romanian guy. The weeks when She expects things.

First, Feb 14, Valentine’s Day. From all holidays in the West, we had to import Valentine’s Day. It used to mean giving her a card. Fine. But that lasted maybe for the first two years. Now she expects gifts, romantic dining out (so what if ALL restaurants are FULLY BOOKED on the night), flowers, and what not.

Then comes Dragobete, Feb 24. One “side effect” of importing Hallmark Day is that we suddenly discovered that we have a Valentine’s Day of our own, Dragobete. I didn’t know much about it myself, so here is a link with some background. I could bet a dime or two that Dragobete will become “cool” too in the next years. At least I’m not gonna complain for this one, as I think it’s good that a dying tradition was saved (thanks, Valentino!).

March 1st, or the “mărţişor”, is an old and kinda cool tradition of offering amulets tied with red-and-white strings to girls and women. 2anca said more about it below, I’m not going to repeat.

Then finally comes March 8th, “women’s day”. This one is inherited from the Communist era; I know it’s still being celebrated in Russia, don’t know about other “Eastern Europeans”. It’s sort of a “mother’s day”, we used to give flowers to our Moms, and small gifts.

Now, for some important disclaimers:
1. The title is a joke. It’s actually not that bad.
2. I have no problem with expressing affection, or respecting traditions. I think affection is good, traditions are cool, a part of who we are. What I don’t like so much is being expected to do something as personal and emotional as expressing affection, in a certain “established” way.
3. There is a saying, “let women have these 3 days in spring; men have all the other days of the year anyway”.
4. In relation to the above, I think we shouldn’t limit expressing affection to the girls in our lives to only these 3 days.

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