Fish fruit and zebras

The new ad for Romania – country image. I think the slogan sucks, but the ad is outstanding:

2 responses to “Fish fruit and zebras

  1. Florin Anghel June 22, 2009 at 13:32

    I’m Romanian, but I haven’t seen this before. It’s pretty lame to create such an ad. I mean, yeah, it’s funny, but it should represent how the country really is, what’s nice about it (not to many things) and why one should visit it. I mean, what do you get from this? So what the “actors” are Gheorghe Hagi and Ilie Nastase? Who would know them unless they already know a few things about Romania? But I appreciate their effort. 🙂

  2. explorish June 22, 2009 at 22:29

    most ads for countries tell you what’s nice and why you should visit. do you remember any? they all look the same to me, many smiley faces cheezily inviting you to go there and spend your money.

    this one’s different. it’s sharp, bold, memorable and funny, something i haven’t seen elsewhere. no one has dared to do something like this so far.

    you get the “what is to be seen” (boring) part in the second episode, here. episode 2 will be the only one aired on tv, this one here will be just on the internet. but even in this first one, all images are from Romania, cleverly chosen (Atheneum, Parliament Palace, etc.) to make you “get a feel”. it’s just more subtle than the “in-your-face” traditionals. i like that.

    i met people who knew nadia and nastase without knowing they were romanian. on the other hand, you got a point, they may not recognize them as they look now, old and battered. also, young people probably don’t know them at all. still, these 3 are the only shot we got, our other two stars (ceausescu and dracula) being dead. do you know of any famous world-recognizable YOUNG romanian? i doubt the FIFA2008 world champion or the hacker from Craiova or the international math champions would make the cut.

    widely recognizable people suitable for endorsements are mostly from sports and entertainment. famous scientists are rarely recognizable, same with writers and other artists. famous politicians – i’m not sure if we want any romanian politician to become famous; the age of titulescu is long gone. moral of the story? we’d better grow some values. soon.

    anyway. our biased opinions are not the primary target for these ads. secondary targets, yes, ‘coz it’s important for Romanians to like them and feel represented by them (i do, others don’t, don’t know which is the majority), – but i’m curious to hear reactions from abroad, from people whom these are actually meant for.

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