Bute proves himself

The Romanian super middleweight vampire Lucian “Booty” Bute (read: Loo-chee-ahn Boo-tay, just HBO commentators read “booty”:)) defended his IBF world champion belt last night in Montreal by knocking out the tough Mexican fighter Librado Andrade. The event has some history, it was a re-match of a fight a year ago, when after dominating 10 rounds, Bute was put in great difficulty in the last two, being knocked down and controversially saved by the bell in the last round, winning the match on points. Andrade’s party contested the result, saying the referee delayed counting on purpose to give him an extra few seconds to recover and thus the match sentence.

Bute accepted a re-match to prove who da man.

I like Librado Andrade. Beside having a nice sounding name, he’s a very very tough fighter in the ring and a decent family guy outside it, lots of common-sense, no “warrior-like” statements like we’re used to from boxers. He was obviously upset with the last result, but just said he thought he’d won the fight and wants a rematch to prove it. His trainers were a bit more aggressive in their statements, but that’s part of the “game”.

Bute is a similarily decent guy, so this was a pure sporting event, no dogfight. A clash of styles too, entertaining to watch: Andrade’s very compact permanent attacks, pushing the opponent into corners and ropes and hammer his body with close-range upercuts which almost cost Bute his title last time was met by Lucian’s elegant, low-guard (!) dance, avoiding contact but launching from time to time lightning-fast combinations of 1-2-3 long-range straight punches followed by retreat, constantly looking for holes in the opponent’s defence – a style “from da hood” I understand is rather rare today among world champions.

Bute seemed a bit tense to me in the first two rounds, with Andrade on an attacking spree, but Lucian managed to hold him back with a few of his well-placed combinations, and looked to have won the rounds. In the third, Bute unleashed a bit more of his magic, winning the round clearly in my view. In the fourth, Andrade started by chasing him vigorously, and just as Bute looked cornered, he dropped an Andrade-like close-range shot in the chin, knocking him down. Known as “iron-chin”, the Mexican stood up and looked just slightly uneasy, but still in attack, yet receiving some more punches from a careful Bute, who was clearly sensing the favorable moment but not wanting to rush ahead and get hit by any lucky punch. Instead he punctured Andrade-s defense a few times, before letting himself be cornered again, yet Andrade-s coordination was probably affected by the hits by now, he left the right side open enough for a clear, vicious body left hook just below the ribs (liver?),which left him on his knees, unable to get up. Bute won by knock-out in the fourth round, like this:

Congratulations Lucian!

P.S. Below are the comments from the press conference (source: the bad left hook). That’s what I call sportsmanship. Respect.

“Congratulations, you got me,” said Andrade to Bute regarding the shot that knocked him out. “I never saw it coming. I just want to become a world champion, that’s my dream. I used to work at a Jack in the Box and every morning I’d say, ‘Welcome to Jack in the Box.’ I never thought I would get this far in boxing.”

Then Andrade broke down in tears.

Bute’s star continues to shoot across the galaxy here in Quebec. He is undefeated and his popularity will only rise with the victory. He was featured on the front pages of the daily newspapers today here in this French-speaking Canadian province and everyone from waiters in restaurants to disc-jockeys on the radio stations were talking about him.

“I’ve been working on my left hook for the past two months in the gym,” said Bute at the post fight press conference. “I’ve been thinking about Librado Andrade for a whole year. I thank him for making me a better boxer.”

Bute, who is as soft-spoken as they come, also thanked Andrade for bringing out the best in him and for becoming his friend.

Librado Andrade is a great person,” he said. “He’s a great fighter and he will stay my friend for life.”

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