A Romanian will get the next Nobel Peace Prize

Romania will earn the next Nobel Peace Prize. How come? Well, we had Presidential elections today, and the different exit poll studies show a very tight balance between the two candidates, results well within the standard error margin of 3%, as follows:

CSOP:       Geoana 49.6%Basescu 50.4%
CURS:       Geoana 50.7%, Basescu 49.3%
CCSB:       Geoana 51.0%Basescu 49.0%
INSOMAR: Geoana 51.2%Basescu 48.8%

Therefore, we don’t know yet who’s going to be the next president, the matter is going to be decided by some votes counting in a county at the seaside, most probably Constanta. But more importantly, what we do know for sure is that the “loser” will go about getting involved in various charity and climate change work and get the Nobel prize for peace in the near future.

Don’t we.

OK, at least that’s what should happen.



Update: The future winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is Mr. Mircea Geoana – 49.66%.

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