Videograms of a Revolution

Amidst a tense climate following protests in Timisoara which had started on Dec. 15th, on December 21st, 1989, Nicolae Ceaușescu holds a speech in front of an as-huge-as-usual crowd of supposedly machine-like applauding people. Yet this time something goes wrong. Inconceivably wrong.

After 20 years, these images seem almost like from a movie. Yet they depict a reality I can still remember. A memory I want to never stop holding on to, to never forget that freedom doesn’t come for granted, and when it does, it should be duly appreciated.

Videograms of a Revolution” is a German-Romanian documentary showing key footage from those days. I recommend the full movie to all who would like to know, or remember.

Some sequences below:

As mentioned before, Wikipedia has a comprehensive story about the Romanian Revolution:

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