Romania builds giant statue of vampire god

“Under the influence of the vampire god pantheon since the Middle Ages, Romania, now member of both the European Union and the Middle Earth alliance has finally announced today the completion of one of the countries’ most prized art works: a giant statue of the vampire super-god Tudor Vladimirescu, a guardian and fatherly figure mentioned even on the banknotes.

Built entirely out of red marble and gold by ottoman and Hungarian slaves, and measuring over 30 meters high the statue is conveniently placed in the center of downtown Budapest, the countries’ capital so that all living mortals can worship it and pray at it’s altar.

According to Romanian officials the statue is only one of many religious monuments to be built in the coming years out of European money and tax collection. “We are very excited to unveil as many new ridiculous spiritual sites as we can, in the near future, as we are convinced that the only way to attract tourists and popular support is by offering human sacrifice to our extremely tolerant gods,” said the Romanian PM, Gheorghe Hagi, a known worshiper of razor blades and energy drinks.

Although the weather seems to be very moody lately, government officials say that they are confident that the first human sacrifice hosted by the statue will take place by late March “when the moon is right” and the werewolves start hibernating.”

This piece of news is copied in its entirety from, formerly known as Was too much of a good match. Curious how many foreign TV stations will believe this as true, like in the Tahiti case. 😉

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