Inferno 2010 – Extreme Skiing and Snowboarding @Bâlea Lac

Bâlea Lac is a lake (duh) on top of the Făgăraş Mountains in the Southern Carpathians, a.k.a. “Transylvanian Alps”. Why? See below. Ye fun-atic skiers & snowboarders, jot the name down. And when you get bored of Adelboden, Ischgl, St. Anton/Moritz, Cortina, Garmisch or even Vail or Whistler, consider the option to try for something else in central Romania, i.e. in the middle of nowhere. For you will find this:

The lake (very clear and green in summer, invisible in winter) is on the bottom of a “pot” surrounded by the highest peaks in Romania, snow is untouched (that is, before the guys in the film above set skis/boards on it), and a good time is guaranteed. For a few years now it is the favorite gathering spot for those who enjoy (completely) off-road skiing and boarding.

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