Don’t you wish your girl/boyfriends were hot like ours

Romanians brag about “having” the most beautiful women on Earth. So do Hungarians. And Venezuelans. Indians. Russians. And, oh yes, Ukrainians. And cetera. And nobody can blame them. (Few people know that actually the country with the highest percentage of beauty per capita is Moldova. Go to Chişinău and see). But that aside, this is not meant to start a dispute of any sort, since

1) one should not argue about beauty, but enjoy it (3 Greek Goddesses did argue once, and Trojans weren’t very happy thereafter), and
2) in this case, “the eye of the beholder” is German, neutral to the above national subjectivities.

Silvana and her mama

Silvana and her mama (source:

Silvana Brăgaru, born in Romania and working as a bar tender in Nürnberg for two years now, signed up for the “Bild-Girl of the month” action, won the December contest and then even the “Bild-Girl of the year” award. (For those who don’t know, Bild is the main tabloid newspaper in Germany). This meant 10k EUR pocket money for Silvana and a lot of exposure in German media.

This is NOT the picture that won her the award (or, who knows) – but if you want to see her, well, in a somewhat different context, go to the website. It’s in German, but who cares about the words.

That being said, we like to be fair here, so ladies, here’s one for you too. As a warning beforehand, it seems that in Romania, like in most places, looks doesn’t always come coupled with wits, or English language skills. Heck, if people watch this, they may think that if this is the best Romanians found to send to Mr.World, they may as well be all vampires.

You gotta give it to the guy, though, it takes guts to show up with a discourse like this. So ladies, here’s the Romanian candidate for Mr. World for you:


(video source: Mircea Badea’s blog)

One response to “Don’t you wish your girl/boyfriends were hot like ours

  1. Fata Verde April 8, 2010 at 23:24

    a very good speech indeed:)

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