Interview with a Vampire: The first Romanian to run the North Pole Marathon


Andrei Roşu hates only flying more than the cold. So he will change 5 airplanes (including an old Russian Antonov cargo plane) and a helicopter, all during one day, to reach the North Pole, where he will participate at the 2010 North Pole Marathon. Not only will he be the first Romanian to ever take part, but he intends to be the first person in history to play the drums on the North Pole. That in spite of the fact that he is not allowed to carry a drum set to the Pole.

The drummer

The workaround is going to be packing his son’s child dize drum set in his “allowed” luggage. (Andrei used to sing in a band, so he really knows his drums).

These alone were good enough reasons for us to ask him for a short interview, the first from an “Interview with a Vampire”  series. We asked him 11 questions (just to avoid “thinking in the box of 10”):

All Romanians Are Vampires: Andrei, please tell us two things your parents don’t know about you.
Andrei Roşu:
a. Many years ago I smoked something green (once or twice or… I don’t remember)
b. I’m planning to move to Italy 🙂

A.R.A.V.: What is the weirdest thing you did (so far) during preparation for the North Pole Marathon?
Andrei: Training in the refrigerating room of a logistics deposit (at -30 degrees Celsius).

A.R.A.V.: Tell us a limit of your comfort zone, something you would NOT do.
Andrei: (While sober…) Sleeping naked outside, when temperature is below +20 degrees Celsius…

A.R.A.V.: Who/what provided the decisive inspiration for your running this particular Marathon ? Why?
Andrei: After I heard about the existence of such a cool running, I felt I should do it. I am an intuitive person and I always count on my intuition when I take a decision. The “why” question usually comes a long time after I’m done with the respective action, and I usually don’t even have time to answer it, because I am already in the middle of the next adventure :).

A.R.A.V.: Which food you shouldn’t eat (e.g., because of training) are you currently enjoying most?
Andrei: Beer 😀 (I heard that beer is sometimes regarded as food, as it contains lots of nutrients…)

A.R.A.V.: Will you tell your fellow runners that you are a vampire?
Andrei: I think they are pretty stressed already. My friend are joking: all the competitors will keep their eyes on their luggage, knowing that there is a Romanian around..:)))

A.R.A.V.: Please rank: a full moon, 13, a black cat and garlick. Motivate your choice.
nr. 1 (the best): Garlick works most of the times, both on vampires and normal people… and keeps you in a healthy shape…
nr. 2: Black cat – you’ll love it, especially if you love Asian cuisine
nr. 3: Full moon – it makes you go out and party (the moon gravity attracts the water from your body…)
nr. 4: 13 – no explanation available…

A.R.A.V.: What is the most dangerous thing you have done in your life?
Andrei: Jumping (into the water) from the top of a 30m high rock… while I was in my honeymoon..:)

A.R.A.V.: Describe Romania in one sentence.
Andrei: Funny!

A.R.A.V.: As a kid, what did you want to be “when you grow up”? Now what do you want to be when you grow up?
Andrei: I wanted to be an explorer. Now I want to be a kid…

A.R.A.V.: Where do you intend to be 5 months from now (number chosen randomly)? What will you do?
Andrei: Preparing for the South Pole Marathon (I have already booked my place for this run, happening on December 12th, 2010…)

Andrei is currently entering the last phase of his training – the run is scheduled for April 7th. For more information about his training, gear, state of mind and other such things, check his blog (in Romanian, for now) or contact him directly.

If you want to see him sing with his band (yeeeears ago), check the video below, and see if you recognize him ;).

We wish Andrei best of luck and intend to follow his footsteps to see him become a Grand Slam Marathonist (he intends to run a Marathon on all continents by 2012).

Drum bun!

North Pole runners (source: Andrei's blog)

Pictures source: Andrei’s blog

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