Lucian Bute strikes again

World IBF boxing champion, undefeated Romanian baby-faced KO-machine Lucian Bute, defended his title by knocking out Edison Miranda of Colombia by means of a spectacular uppercut in the 3rd round. Watch Miranda’s gestures (movie is here , third round starts at 9:00) – he stopped 2 times, seemed to show off like “I’m not hurt”. Well… you can see what happened next.

Bute is said to be the strongest guy outside the SuperSix tournament, a challenge bringing together the said-to-be best of the 168 pound-ers. Yet Andre Ward, for now considered number 1, needed 12 rounds to beat Miranda, who was knocked out by Bute in 3rd. Commentators across the Atlantic begin wondering if Bute should have been in the SuperSix. That not being possible, there are talks of a match between Bute and the SuperSix winner, who would automatically lead to a title unification of sorts (Stieglitz, the WBO supermiddleweight reigning champion, has so far refused Bute’s proposal for a fight).

Below is a presentation movie for Bute@Interbox done by Worldsportstv a while ago,

and below is an interesting insight by a FrenchCanadian journalist team in his training life:

Boxing fans out there, enjoy.

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