Paula & Ovi played with fire and… didn’t get burned

Seling and Ovi from Romania perform their song Playing With Fire during a dress rehearsal for semi-final two of the Eurovision Song Contest in OsloGoing almost completely unnoticed by the foreign commentators i heard (which is weird – how can you NOT notice Paula Seling in that leather costume?!), Romania edged to a no. 3 spot at the Eurovision song contest in Oslo, Norway.

Ok, it’s not the most credible contest out there, being tainted both by “geopolitical votes” and the general suspicion of being rigged altogether. But people usually don’t rig things in favor of Romania, so – Paula & Ovi’s performance is even more worth mentioning.

The scoring rule I believe is that 50% of the score is given by people voting via SMS and 50% by a “specialists” jury. Obviously people cannot vote for their own nation’s song, but if you have a big community in another country, or simply friendly (or special) relationships with your neighbors, you usually get many points from there. This is how Romania usually gets some of its 10 and 12 points scores too, notably from Spain and Moldova.

NEVERTHELESS, as it seems the quality of the song counts in the final ranking too 🙂 – in the past 3 years we had songs which didn’t stand out and didn’t even make it to the top 15, with all the geopolitical votes included. This year the Romanians got points from a pretty large majority of the voting countries, which is actually the measure of quality in this case (complete points structure here).

Germany represented by Lena won with a trendy performance, Lily Allen / Emiliana Torrini style. Suspicions of the contest being rigged are still hovering as usual, since Germany is one of the high paying nations to make this event possible, but on the other hand – they hadnt won since 1982, with very bad scoring the last years, so – maybe they just had a song to hit the trend spot-on, being considered “modern” and non-tacky by many people and especially juries, which is a rather rare quality at the Eurovision.

Anyway – good result for Romania, above expectations. In the final their singing performance was actually better than the one below:


3 responses to “Paula & Ovi played with fire and… didn’t get burned

  1. mh May 31, 2010 at 10:51

    Their performance in the final:

  2. Rich June 7, 2010 at 20:47

    Greetings from the UK (which quite deservedly finished bottom….I jumped out of my chair in celebration when Belarus overtook us on the penultimate vote haha!)

    Brilliant performance from the Romanians, a cracking little song (although my little daughter loved last year’s The Balkan Girls!)….and totally agree with your comments about Paula in that costume. She’d already got my vote before she’d sung a word!


  3. admin June 17, 2010 at 00:43

    cheers Rich.
    as for the Brits – it’s amazing how such an outstanding pop music industry doesn’t seem to enjoy success on the eurovision stage. wonder why. but hope is not lost – belgians for example were absent for a long time, but made a breakthrough this year. have a feeling it will happen to the brits as well some day, maybe when you least expect it.
    best of luck!

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