Tales from the Golden Era – pick it while it’s fresh

A rare 100% fresh rating on rottentomatoes.com – I don’t remember seeing something alike, and that after 17 reviews.

“Amintiri din Epoca de Aur” actually literally tanslates “Memories from the Golden Era”, but I guess “tales” fits well too, as the movie consists of several short stories based on “urban legends” from the Communist time.

“Taking a wry and sly approach to skewering the oppressive system under which they all grew up, it exposes in amusing fashion the fear and absurdities the proletariat of late-1980s Romania had to deal with daily. Though not nearly as bleak as Mungiu’s previous film, the ironic, comedic tone used to depict these assorted urban legends always has a grim punchline to remind us that life under Ceausescu was no laughing matter.” Full review here.

“The dark laughter involved is Romania’s way of staying sane, not merely at the time but, also, in a way, right now. Comedy is a way of looking back at the horror without the rage and despair becoming unendurable.” Full review here.

An overview of all reviews, including the one quoted above, here.

The trailer, below:

Enjoy. (e.g., on Netflix here)

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