Tanti Baba and the 40 bottles – a banker’s story

Steven van Groningen is the CEO of a large bank in Romania. That alone would’nt have caused this post, but the combination with Tanti Baba: Mr. van Groningen has a blog, where he shares thoughts and photography about his experiences in Romania. Since for this website we are constantly looking for “non-Romanians” who do just that, we are delighted to have obtained permission to quote and post a link to his thoughts and – in this case – memories from Bucharest in the early ’90s:

“Our kids loved Salomnia. They called her Tanti Baba (Tanti means “aunt” and Baba means “old woman” in Romanian). She played with the children, made them their favorite food (coltonasi cu branza) and helped in the household where she broke more glasses, cups and plates than I imagined possible. This probably explains the amount of luck in our happy family.

Vasile made some wine every year. Now I like to make things and he was proud to show me how to make wine. And so it happened […]”

Read the whole post about Tanti Baba and the 40 bottles (of wine) here, and enjoy the rest of the blog.

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