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In ”Arabian Nights”, the Sultan was always strolling the countryside disguised as a commoner in order to closely observe his subjects. Wouldn`t it be a nice idea for the Minister of Tourism, our very own Sheherazade, to follow such a well-established example?

You can do it even if you do not have access to a national budget and European funds. And you would not have to disguise yourself, of course (wouldn’t be an easy job anyway).

Why, there are so many things to be seen!

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80 places to see before you leave Romania

While the title is cynically addressing inhabitants with “immigrational” thoughts, the album is a good starting point for anyone to discover some really good insider tips, along with better-known highlights of Romanian landscapes.

Click on the screen shot below to go check it out; if you’d like more info on any of them make a comment to this article and we’ll gladly oblige.

The Pappbrille

One day Cantemir Gheorghiu, known as “Cante”, a young Romanian-born designer living in Berlin, had fun cutting a pair of glasses out of a piece of colorful cardboard, and wore it in a club instead of a “fashionable” pair of horn-rimmed glasses. The bar-tending girl liked it so much that she offered him a free cocktail in exchange for the “glasses”. Which sparked an idea and unleashed an entire entrepreneurial whirlwind: Cante started producing and selling these accessories with steep success. A website and a web shop, and there goes a full-fledged start-up fashion label.

Will he get rich from selling articles costing between 0.9 and 4 EUR? Well, on one hand, it depends how many he will sell, on the other hand – does it matter? As long as it looks good… (the product slogan is: “schärfer aussehen”, a pun between “see well” and “look good”)

© Cantemir Gheorghiu

To find out more about Cante’s venture, and maybe get a Pappbrille in time for one of your late summer parties, there’s an article in German here and one in English here.

East Side Story: Tales of Romanian recession

Romanians have outstanding records. While cell biology, the Coanda effect, cybernetics, the Procopiu magneton or the discovery of insulin do not generally ring a bell, any respectable gentleman/lady would agree that Count Dracula the bloodsucker would do the trick. Same goes for John Dillinger, the beloved bank robber of the 1930s, whose reputable half, Ana Cumpănaş, fingered him to the FBI. These days however people tend to overlook this fascinating country as a “just another dull eastern European nation”, and for no good reason.

Take this summer, for example. We`ve witnessed black magic performed live against the  presidential candidate, wages cut off by a quarter, sedition acts that would put John Adams to shame, flooded orphans on high heels and tyrants exhumed for a role call.

We`ve been having a blast. Yet it makes me wonder why is this Piccadilly Circus so obscure in terms of advertising. Perhaps I should promote it myself, so you`ll see what you have been and still are missing.

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What does “Romania” mean?

source: urban city (no.13)

How true!🙂

Derby day in Bucharest

James Appell lives in London and writes a sports blog in an “informed, alternative way”. And enjoyable, I might add.True to that credo, here is an excellent photo-report from a football match in the… Romanian league, of all. How come? Handing over to James:

“A weekend in Bucharest – hardly the most romantic of holidays, you might think.
Well that depends on your priorities. For me a trip away necessitates a change of scenery, and there’s no greater antidote to the sterility of orderliness in the UK (respect for rules, queueing, attentiveness to other people’s private space) than spending a few days in the relative anarchy of Eastern Europe. I was looking for a place to spend a couple of days getting away from London, and Bucharest seemed like just the ticket.
But […] the main reason for Bucharest as my destination of choice was the football.”

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Thanks to Anglofil for cherrypicking this for us.

Explore the “Carpathian Garden” brand

Has your Romanian friend been somewhat distant of late? Don’t worry, it’s got nothing to do with you. (S)He has just been preoccupied – engaged in a multi-headed monster debate that has been raging across the nation.

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