Derby day in Bucharest

James Appell lives in London and writes a sports blog in an “informed, alternative way”. And enjoyable, I might add.True to that credo, here is an excellent photo-report from a football match in the… Romanian league, of all. How come? Handing over to James:

“A weekend in Bucharest – hardly the most romantic of holidays, you might think.
Well that depends on your priorities. For me a trip away necessitates a change of scenery, and there’s no greater antidote to the sterility of orderliness in the UK (respect for rules, queueing, attentiveness to other people’s private space) than spending a few days in the relative anarchy of Eastern Europe. I was looking for a place to spend a couple of days getting away from London, and Bucharest seemed like just the ticket.
But […] the main reason for Bucharest as my destination of choice was the football.”

Read the full article here.

Thanks to Anglofil for cherrypicking this for us.

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