The Pappbrille

One day Cantemir Gheorghiu, known as “Cante”, a young Romanian-born designer living in Berlin, had fun cutting a pair of glasses out of a piece of colorful cardboard, and wore it in a club instead of a “fashionable” pair of horn-rimmed glasses. The bar-tending girl liked it so much that she offered him a free cocktail in exchange for the “glasses”. Which sparked an idea and unleashed an entire entrepreneurial whirlwind: Cante started producing and selling these accessories with steep success. A website and a web shop, and there goes a full-fledged start-up fashion label.

Will he get rich from selling articles costing between 0.9 and 4 EUR? Well, on one hand, it depends how many he will sell, on the other hand – does it matter? As long as it looks good… (the product slogan is: “schärfer aussehen”, a pun between “see well” and “look good”)

© Cantemir Gheorghiu

To find out more about Cante’s venture, and maybe get a Pappbrille in time for one of your late summer parties, there’s an article in German here and one in English here.

3 responses to “The Pappbrille

  1. cefebe September 10, 2010 at 00:51

    Thanks for the interesting article.

  2. admin March 22, 2011 at 21:38

    cool, thanks for the update!

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