Romanians SOUND good

This time it is not about the Romanian modern music with its dance stars and singers. Inna is another story, O-zone is in the past and the Eurovision competition is a lovely memory (to some). This time it is about sacred music, a heavenly beautiful music:

SOUND is the name of a Romanian choir which sings sacred music, besides a large and varied repertoire.

This year the SOUND choir returned from the Ohrid Choir Festival with two awards: the Grand Prize and the Prize for best interpretation of the Macedonian Choral Competition held between 26-29 August.

A very special impression produced Dan Voiculescu’s piece, “Pater Noster”.  Victor Voiculescu, the leader of the group said:  “We knew that from the reaction of the audience and the jury members, who came and congratulated us personally – something which is unusual. And forbidden I think”.

I have found only this version of this song, played by another Romanian choir, the Irina Odagescu Choir:

Well done SOUND and hope to hear more about this choir and its music in the future!

One response to “Romanians SOUND good

  1. Cezar December 8, 2010 at 23:20

    This is another “Pater Noster”, composed by Irina Odagescu and performed by ACCOUSTIC Choir
    Here you find our entire religious program from Saint Sophie Church, Ohrid; Pater Noster is also there 🙂 (the second)
    And here, the performance which bring us the prize for the best interpretation of a macedonian song:

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