Vampires strike again. 2:1

What we kept telling you gets confirmed from the credible source called “Swiss tabloids”:

Yet another confirmation that we have been right all along.

With their unmatched precision (that’s what Swiss are known for, right?), the newspaper “Blick” described the context of the Champions League game between CFR Cluj of Romania and FC Basel of Switzerland (final result 2:1) in the most professionally accurate manner we are used to and expect from the (tabloid) press in general, and from now on from the Swiss press in particular.

While the above can be qualified as attempts at being funny and trying to make a boring event (to their audience) a tad more entertaining, we were less amused by the article published by “Blick” as an introduction to the game.

Describing the city of Cluj, this is what they found suitable to emphasize:

Litter and dead dogs, that’s the image which will stick into the minds of the “Blick” readers when thinking about Cluj or Romania. Agreed, you can find landscapes like this in Romania, if you go searching and look carefully. In Cluj, however, incidentally one of the poshest cities in Romania, it is a challenge – a challenge Blick journalists managed to overcome. Who directed them to the dump in the city outskirts, remains a mistery. Maybe some practical joke.

For those who would like to look an inch beyond the headlines, a simple google image search for Cluj reveals the following:

Click on the image to see more.

If you’re really interested, the wikipedia page is here and the wikitravel page here. Something certain journalists, one would think, would consult before engaging into a Champions League trip.

P.S. we’d have liked to give the link to the article, but Blick removed it from its website for reasons unknown. This link now leads nowhere. And nowhere it should stay, in the press trash bin.

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