There’s more to Transylvania than Dracula

“Halloween is very big here,” says Ioan Lazare, owner of the Hotel Sighisoara, where the annual soiree takes place. “They dress up, hang out in the cemetery. They just like the novel and the movie so much, they want to see these places.”

Meanwhile, 90 miles south in the heart of Transylvania, the proprietors of the 12th-century Bran Castle, where Vlad/Dracula may — or may not — have dropped in during jaunts through the region, are preparing for an all-night Halloween bash, with theme music, horror movies, neck-nibbling, the works!


In an attempt to communicate that there’s more to this country than vampire legends, greedy dictators, neglected orphanages and even perky gymnasts, tourism officials are touting Romania’s natural assets and cultural heritage bounty. Well-preserved medieval towns, painted monasteries and ancient Dacian ruins occupy a landscape that has yet to be overrun by mass tourism.

Indeed, the Transylvanian countryside retains a lost-in-time quality, revealing sights you don’t find just anywhere.”

Read the whole USA Today article here.

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