Andrei, the ultramarathon runner

Do you remember Andrei, our first interviewee? The interview was before he ran his first Marathon, which happened to be the North Pole Marathon. We promised to follow his footstps, and – he hasn’t stopped ever since on his goal to be the first Romanian to run a Marathon on all 7 continents. Turkey, Australia, Chile, Antarctica have been “executed” in the meantime. In Antarctica he even ran the 100km “ultramarathon”, one day after completing the “normal” Antarctic Marathon, and one week after completing the Chilean Desert Marathon. The guy’s as insane as any insurance executive can get.

You can read about his latest exploits on his blog, in Romanian. Or watch him below talk (in English) at TEDx Bucharest:

One response to “Andrei, the ultramarathon runner

  1. cristian ungureanu December 19, 2010 at 21:44

    Yes , Andrei showed to the whole world as a romanian and he can surpass the his dream … .
    With Esteem ,
    cristi .

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