Lil’ Eagl’ Benjamin

Speaking of “the art of flight”, with due respect to the heroes of the previous post, here’s for some real flying skills: Aquila pomarina, Linnaeus 1766, or “Lesser Spotted Eagle”, is a small European bird of prey, currently endangered. A group of enthusiastic Romanian ornithologists, called “Milvus“, partners in a species conservation project, have managed to capture 6 birds, 3 adults and 3 juvenile, and equipped them with GPS transmitters enabling satellite tracking of their migration.source:

I didn’t know that eagles migrate, or at least this species migrates, and – WHAT A JOURNEY! – all the way to South Africa. There and back, every year.


Lil' Eagl' Benjamin

News is – the first of the tracked birds, Benjamin, is back from its un-believable trip. Click on the map to see more details about the satellite tracking.

More on the eagle, here, more on the 6 travelers and their tracking, here.

Photo and info source: the project site,

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