The color of hay

They still publish lush photography books, even if it sometimes takes 10 years to publish them. Kathleen McLaughlin’s “The Color of Hay” depicts people and their lives in a region called Maramureş, in Northern Transylvania.

The book “is a culmination of 10 years of hard work and the result is a beautifully designed and printed exploration of Transylvania at the turn of the Millennium – a place of ‘waterwheels and horse-carts facing erosion by the incoming tide of a modernizing European Union. During this pivotal time, in a remote valley of northern Romania called Maramureş, peasants have kept their traditions alive and defied assimilation since the Romans. Now, a final generation is going about their daily farming chores and raising children who have the opportunity to leave their ancestral villages and make a modern life in a world of change.’

For over two years, Kathleen and her husband lived as peasants do—relying on a wood burning stove, bathing without running water, and sharing one roof with three generations. Kathleen’s medium format photographs cover all four seasons of life in Maramureş and essays by her writer husband, H. Woods, help add depth and explanation.”

Here is an interview with the author, and here you can find out more about the book:

For a one-page imagery overview of Maramureş, click here.

For an Indian perspective on things, check out the adventures of our friend the maVerick in Maramureş, here and here.

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