Both Romanian-speaking countries managed to qualify their songs to the Eurovision song contest final, scheduled tonight.

Like most participants in the last few years, Romanians and Moldovans chose to sing in English – commercially it may make sense, to me it is unfortunate as it takes away some of the authenticity and diversity this contest used to provide. Moreover, most English songs performed by non-native speakers with an obvious accent tend to be difficult to understand, the accent distracting from the song message or even tune.

The Romanian song however boasts a perfect English pronunciation – no wonder, since the singer is British :). David Bryan’s story can make subject for a movie scenario: He came to Romania as a missionary volunteer to help orphaned children and children with disabilities, and here he met his actual girlfriend and decided to stay. After some time he was found singing in a karaoke bar and offered a job for singing every week in a local shopping centre. This lead to meeting Gabriel Baruta, founder and member of “Hotel FM”. Nowadays David is a lead singer of this band and will perform in the Eurovision final!. (The italic text is taken from an interview – to be found here.)

Check out the song below, and for more info the band’s website:

Zdob şi Zdub are the cult band in Moldova – their ethno-rock-punk style is legendary. The boys enjoy great success in Moldova, Romania and the former Soviet Union counties for a long time now – for them the Eurovision is not about “making a name”, but for having fun – and this shows. Personally I am no fan of this particular song  – though these guys are, and that means much more – Zdob şi Zdub are anyway so cool that no matter what they do, it’s still fun to watch – I’ll support them anyway.

Good job all of you lads – wish you to get “so lucky” tonight and “change the world!”

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