Romanian dance beats hit Europe

I burst out laughing when I heard the “maia hi maia hu” refrain in a posh club in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 6 years ago. Everyone was singing along, without understanding a word (granted,  there was not much to understand) – it was surreal.

“Dragostea din tei” by O-zone was the first world dance music hit performed in Romanian language. Recently some Romanian artists have followed their footsteps to international success, however with most of their songs performed in English. It seems to become a trend:

“In the past 18 months, numerous hits have been exported from the Balkans into Western Europe. Romanian duo Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina hit the top 10 of Billboard’s European Hot 100 Singles chart twice this year with “Stereo Love” and “This Is My Life.”

“Stereo Love” even cracked the notoriously Europhobic U.K. singles chart, peaking at No. 4 and selling 101,000 units, according to the Official Charts Company. Another Romanian dance star, Inna, hit the U.K. top 10 in March with “Hot,” selling 193,000.


The country is also home to an Ibiza-style summer dance scene centered on the Mamaia holiday resort, which attracts A-list DJs to its numerous clubs. British house DJ Steve Lawler describes the crowds there as “fantastic.”

To find out how Romanian hits make it from the Black Sea coast clubs into the European charts, read the full article on Reuters.

Below is the last internationally successful product of the Romanian dance scene. I heard it on the radio in “pre-season” under the tagline “our bets for summer hits” – and guess what, their bet was right.

If with the O-zone song people didn’t understand the (unbelievably meaningless) lyrics, which helped the song to success, this time it’s performed in English, with a little accent even. However, in spite of an even more simpletonic… text (can’t call it “lyric”, really), Alexandra Stan and her “Mr. Saxobeat” took the charts by assault. Maybe that’s the secret, after all – simple, but tonic.

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