Sometimes, a bat is just a bat

”There’s really nothing creepy about the countryside in the foothills of Romania’s Southern Carpathians, where snow-capped mountains tower over a rolling landscape dotted with flocks of sheep.

But for fans of the Twilight series and other devotees of the bloodsucking undead, there’s a draw that’s stronger than the natural beauty.

The crashing, creaking sounds of a haunted house greet pilgrims on their way to the main attraction — Dracula’s castle. Actually, it’s Bran Castle, perched high, overlooking the town of Bran, and its connection with Dracula is tenuous at best.”

Read the whole article or listen to the NPR news broadcast in question here.

Thank you Oana L. for linking to this article on our facebook page. And kudos, hi5 and a bow to Carmen Pavel, who shows up in the story wearing an ”All Romanians are Vampires” T-shirt. Awesome :).

One response to “Sometimes, a bat is just a bat

  1. Dragos September 23, 2012 at 23:17

    Bai fratilor, incetati cu Dracula, chiar nu ne foloseste la nimic chestia asta.

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