A different agenda

Moin Khan, a 24 years old Pakistani, is on his way from San Francisco to Lahore, on his (sports!) motorcycle. Unnerved by the overwhelmingly negative bias his home country “enjoys” in international news, he decided to undertake this journey to show the world that not all Pakistani are terrorists (we hear you, mate :)).

After successfully cruising up the West Coast, into Canada, the then crossing the USA, the Atlantic (his bike on a ship) and most of Europe, he got stuck in… Romania, where else. Pretty nasty accident, shortly after entering the country. He had (of course) heard worrying things about Romania, so even as he was transported in an ambulance with broken bones and hearts, he worried about his even more severely damaged bike.

But guess what. Local bikers picked up his trail; Dan Popescu, the president of the Romanian Moto Association himself took to the “case” of helping the wanderer. (You may find, for example, this video inspiring.)

The bikers took care of him and especially his bike, rallied up friends and acquaintances to find missing pieces while keeping young Moin entertained by involving him in various wicked initiatives, like for example the Bikers’ Mountain Party With A Twist.

Long story short, Moin is up and riding again, having left Romania this morning. Have a good ride, kid, take care and reach da motherland safe!

You can follow him on his facebook page, website or youtube channel.

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