The Budapest – Bucharest saga. New episode.

I don’t know if many people think they’re in Bucharest when they’re in Budapest, but for sure the one or the other music star made the opening with a joyous “hello Budapest” when concerting in Bucharest. There seems to be a magic attraction to confusing the names, for whatever reasons.

But to travel to one place instead of the other (there are, after all, 821km between them), that was unheard of. Till now.

MORE THAN 400 supporters of Athletic Bilbao were left feeling, well, rather stupid in the middle of the week after ending up in Hungary to watch the Europa League final.

The match was taking place in Romania.”

Read the whole story here. And watch out when booking your tickets.

Thanks to M. for the link.

P.S. it was a wonderful final. But about that on another occasion.

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