The Romanian anti-star and the Chinese fan

The name Cristian Dănălache sounds remotely familiar only to football fans really in the know. He’s not a bad striker at all, tall, strong and with some ball skills, but not the fastest; he never broke through in any big Romanian team, scoring 31 goals for 5 teams in his entire career. At 30 he ended up in China, at Jiangsu Sainty, an underdog-type team, and… exploded with 23 goals in the first season, top scorer a Chinese league boasting the like of Drogba and Kanoute, the team grabbing second spot in the league qualifying for the Asian Champions League!

A “classic” underdog/anti-hero, modest and hard-working, riding the scooter to work, Cristian has gained respect and captured the hearts of the Chinese fans. So much so that one of them created a movie about him, voiced in… Romanian. The girl (:)) has apparently studied in Sibiu, Romania, hence the very good accent. The movie is below, in Romanian (with Romanian subtitles, to be sure), and an interview, also in Romanian, here.

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