Romania is utterly uncool, thank God

Photo: Davin Ellicson

Romania-insider’s guest writer Paul Wood reveals 25 reasons why he loves to live in Romania. To pick a few:

“Clearly the people are the main reason for liking any country, though the countryside, the churches and the crumbling inner city of Bucharest come close behind.

Everything about Romanians seems to be paradoxical. Romanians are very human and see everything in human, not in abstract terms, but when they write about ideas they always start from abstract and sometime cloudy first principles. They are the very warm, the most generous and kind of people, but very cruel. […] They are very romantic but unromantic.


One of the great charms of Romania is that the 1960s did not happen in here.


Romania is not at all cool, is utterly uncool, thank God, and yet in its own un-self-conscious way the broken streets and beautiful women of Bucharest are as cool as it gets.


Here class is about grammar and educational qualifications, rather than about accent or clothes (Romanian rich men dress appallingly, though their wives are learning) or money.


The parties. Romanians GIVE GREAT ONES.”

To find out more, read the full article here.

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