Vampires know (since they break) the laws of physics

Romanian teenagers participating at the International Physics Olympiad 2013 won 2 gold and 3 silver medals, finishing 1st in Europe and 5th in the world country ranking. (Source:

Congratulations Dan-Cristian Andronic, Cristian-Alexandru Frunză, Tudor Ciobanu, Sebastian Florin Dumitru and Denis Turcu!

If anyone interested in what the lads were up to, check out the problems.

Teaser, from Problem 1:

On the night of 17 January 2009 many people near the Baltic Sea saw the glowing trail or fireball of a meteoroid falling through the atmosphere of the Earth. In Sweden a surveillance camera recorded a video of the event, see Fig. 1.1(a).
The fireball was moving in westerly direction, heading 285 degrees relative to North, toward the location where the meteorite was subsequently found, as sketched in Fig. 1.1. The meteorite was found at a distance 195 km from the surveillance camera in the direction 230 degrees relative to North.


Task: Use this and the data in Fig. 1.1 to calculate the average speed of Maribo in the time interval between frames 155 and 161. The curvature of the Earth and the gravitational force on the meteoroid can both be neglected.

Muahaha. Good luck.

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