Bucharest and Budapest

“I love you Budapest!”

Obviously, if you’ve visited the Hungarian capital it’s hard not to fall for its charming bridges over the Danube, the Parliament building or the Buda hill. But do you really have to shout it out if you’re a rock star giving a concert in Bucharest?

What, did you notice any difference in spelling? Neither have a long string of more or less famous characters over the last 20-odd years (might have happened before as well, but little we knew behind the Iron Curtain).

People in Bucharest have been somewhat offended for their whereabouts being ignored in their faces; people in Budapest have probably been somewhat offended by being confounded with a less gorgeous city 500 miles away, with a smaller river and a larger parliament. Here’s an attempt to set things straight for future generations of rock stars, diplomats and soccer fans:

Read more about the ad campaign here.


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