Virus in Bucharest

While we have admitted that Bucharest is not as gorgeous as Budapest, it doesn’t mean it’s not an intriguing place worth checking out. Be it for the crazy architectural mix, underground art movements, booming clubbing scene or simply immersion in a postmodern city.

“Romania is the world’s most postmodern nation: it is still a generative arena of word-combat that runs through its rhetorically-cursed history to bloom into our posthistory where it is possible to be finally seen, like a lush tree appearing suddenly in front of your car doing 200 mph on the highway of modernity.”

Andrei Codrescu: The posthuman dada guide. Tzara and Lenin play chess, Princeton University Press, 2009, page 125.

That’s what the Virus crew from the Swiss Television must have thought as well, doing an episode on Bucharest as part of their Balkan travel to rather unknown places.

Here’s one for our German and Swiss German speaking friends:

06 Bucharest

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