Brancusi in New York, 1913-2013

“‘[Constantin Brancusi] introduced three of the decisive inventions in sculpture of the twentieth century: environmental sculpture, minimalist sculpture, and serial sculpture.’ – Museum director and Brancusi expert Pontus Hulten

Paul Kasmin Gallery presents Brancusi in New York 1913 – 2013, an exhibition of works from the Brancusi Estate collection. The show celebrates Brancusi’s 100th anniversary in New York following his debut at the Armory Show in 1913, where the sculptor exhibited five works that directed modern sculpture on a radical new path. The Gallery will present five masterpieces by Brancusi: Head, Mademoiselle Pogany II, The Newborn, Sleeping Muse II, and Fish. The works will be presented in a contemporary context at Paul Kasmin Gallery’s 515 West 27th Street location, from November 7, 2013 to January 25, 2014.”

If you’re in New York, don’t miss it. See more details here:


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