Game, set & Simona

20140531_153959People are wondering (and some wriggle their nose) about the sudden Simona Halep craze going on in Romania, after she rose from no. 57 at last year’s Roland Garros to no. 3 in the world, the epic Roland Garros final 2014 and the Wimbledon 4th round as we speak.

It’s very simple: if someone does very well, excelling among the best in the world, through their own talent and hard work, and in the process stays a nice person even under the brightest of lime lights – well, that inspires people.

It inspires me, and it obviously inspires the likes of Mats Wilander and Barbara Schett – just look at their faces watching her speak about her tactics (and pitfalls) with an openness that stuns in a world of shrewd tactics and opponent’s deceit. That hasn’t reached Simona yet – and we hope it doesn’t ever, having her remain the breath of fresh air brought to women’s tennis these days.

Watch the interview before the Roland Garros final by clicking on the picture below:







Winning gets you admirers, many of them ego-hunters. How you win gets you hearts. Good luck Simona!

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