Romania, the land of the poor…ly judged

“On my last day before moving to Romania, I made a stop at my usual bakery.

– Hey, I came by to tell you that it’s the last time we meet.
– Ah, tired of Paris already? Where are you moving?
– To Romania.

– But, why!?
– To work there.
– To work? But there’s no work there!
– What do you mean?
– Why else would they possibly all come to beg here?

Bam, she said the words. To beg. She could already picture me in an rusty old train, on my way to the gates of hell. While China produces cheap electronics, Romania would be a huge beggar factory, massively producing poor people ready to ask for money all over Europe.”

Is there something else to Romania than this? A French developer now based in Bucharest tells us here:


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