Why not get to know Romania?

Red Bull X-Alps 2011

One of the world’s toughest athletic competitions, The RED BULL X-ALPS, had a Romanian among the winners this year.
Well done Toma!

See more details here:

Red Bull X-Alps 2011 – RED BULL X-ALPS WEBCLIP: BEST OF 2011.

Romanian jokes

Q: What is small, dark, and knocking at the door?
A:…The future!

Q: What’s big, black, noisy, makes a lot of smoke and cuts carrots in five?
A: The Romanian machine for cutting carrots in four.

“Romanians are very social and talkative people. They like to spend time in company and they are fond of having conversations. Beside their love for philosophy and conspiracy theories, they also have a taste for humor.”

This is what Bruno van den Elshout thinks and I invite you to read his full article about Romanian humor .

You are all welcome to come with jokes about Romanians.  Just remember what Bruno observed: “… beware, make sure you are not the subject of their jokes, because they are usually not very flattering. Except when they joke about themselves.”

A Romanian idea for an Oscar movie

Since primary school Romanian kids read, learn and study an old legend, a story that can be a good subject for a Hollywood horror movie.

It is about a builder in an impossible mission: Manole, a well known professional, promised the king to build the most beautiful and impressive monastery in a place where bad spirits lives. I would distribute Gerald Butler in his role.

The king is supposed to have been Neagoe Basarab (1512-1521) and the monastery he wanted is Curtea De Arges, located near Targoviste, Arges county.

The story is quite dramatic: everything that Manole and his team build during the day broke down in the night. It was exhausting, excruciating, frustrating and scary, for sure. In reality though, the works for this monastery were delayed for financial reasons, but this is not a good subject for a legend, isn’t it?

Back to our story: Manole had a dream, a scary one, of course, because the malefic spirits told him what to do if he really wants to finish his task. So he wakes up in the morning, scared but determined: he build the wall around his beloved wife, beautiful Ana. Literally. Don’t think she was ok with this: she cried, and cried but Manole had to Read more of this post

Don’t waste. Donate!

So we’ve convinced people 🙂 Great ad, isn’t it?

Anyway, go donate blood. Or COME donate your blood! 🙂

Romanians SOUND good

This time it is not about the Romanian modern music with its dance stars and singers. Inna is another story, O-zone is in the past and the Eurovision competition is a lovely memory (to some). This time it is about sacred music, a heavenly beautiful music:

SOUND is the name of a Romanian choir which sings sacred music, besides a large and varied repertoire.

This year the SOUND choir returned from the Ohrid Choir Festival with two awards: the Grand Prize and the Prize for best interpretation of the Macedonian Choral Competition held between 26-29 August.

A very special impression produced Dan Voiculescu’s piece, “Pater Noster”.  Victor Voiculescu, the leader of the group said:  Read more of this post

What does “Romania” mean?

source: urban city (no.13)

How true! 🙂

Memories from another world

There it is… Pascani… the city that always sleeps, the place were nothing happens or, if it does, it is not a good thing. Still, I came to love this small city where nothing can be kept secret for too long.

My first memory is a sunny summer day – I was 5 years old – and my parents prepared me and my sister for a visit to my grandparents. It was a 45 minutes trip by train, but my mom always transformed it into a great odyssey.

To go to any of my grandparents was about bulging luggage: bread, socks, medicines, oil, biscuits, detergent, anything my parents thought that the old guys needed or wished for. The truth is that they never asked for any of these things, they were happy just to see us, watch us play in the yard. From time to time I would find a lot of extra sugar or oil in my grandparents’ garrets.

And I do remember that it was hard to get those things: oil, bread, butter. We had to wait for hours in long queues, starting very early in the morning.

In fact this is how The Revolution found me: Read more of this post

Bucegi Mountains – living legends

Bucegi are probably the most hiked mountains in Romania, due to their straightforward location when you look up North from Bucharest.  Oh, and their beauty…

In old Romanian language “a bucegi” means “to choose” – these are “the chosen” mountains; and some of the events occuring in the area  (see below) give a true meaning to their name.

Two major tourist attractions are located at above 2200m altitude (2216m, to be precise): the Sphinx , an old stone looking like a human face, apparently formed by wind erosion, and the closeby ” Old Women” (Romanian: Babele), a rock formation resembling human silhouettes.


People talk about an old special traveling route in these mountains, called “the silver belt of the world”, 8 hours long and quite difficult, with a lot of ups and downs – yet at the end nobody feels tired, but relaxed and joyful. Some say that’s because this route overlaps with a major energy flux of the planet. It starts in Valea Doamnelor (The Ladies Valley), and continues to Omu Peak (2505m), the summer route of Babele, Piciorul Cocor, and the Ialomiţa Cave in Valea Horoabelor, the most beautiful valley in the Bucegi mountains.

The name of the Ialomiţa cave came from Read more of this post