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Romania, the land of the poor…ly judged

“On my last day before moving to Romania, I made a stop at my usual bakery.

– Hey, I came by to tell you that it’s the last time we meet.
– Ah, tired of Paris already? Where are you moving?
– To Romania.

– But, why!?
– To work there.
– To work? But there’s no work there!
– What do you mean?
– Why else would they possibly all come to beg here?

Bam, she said the words. To beg. She could already picture me in an rusty old train, on my way to the gates of hell. While China produces cheap electronics, Romania would be a huge beggar factory, massively producing poor people ready to ask for money all over Europe.”

Is there something else to Romania than this? A French developer now based in Bucharest tells us here:


Romanians – like, no like

Sighisoara (19)“If you believe The Daily Mail, all Romanians are benefit frauds, pickpockets and secret millionaires of a specific minority and Romania is a country of mud-huts, sick horses, starving dogs and gated palaces of gold-plated window-frames and weather-cocks, built on the theft from hardworking British families.

But if you believe the The Guardian, all Romanians are gorgeous students destined to be UN Secretary General or Apple CEO and their country is an unspoilt paradise of rolling hills, organic farmers and playful bears.

However the truth is Romanians are just people are like people everywhere. They are great and they suck.

At the risk of attracting contempt for being prejudiced and simplistic, here is what I like and don’t like about Romanians”:

Why don’t you come over?

“The beer is cheaper, our women are hotter, and we’ve never photographed Harry naked – Romania cheekily hits back at the rumoured UK campaign to deter Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants.”

Read the full story here:

Why not get to know Romania?

Small country, great people

Graffitti BBDO launched a country image campaign, smarter than most seen so far.

The only thing to pick on (if you’re really really picky) would be that it’s not that small of a country in the European context – 7th in the European Union in terms of population and 9th largest in area, out of 27. But – cool idea.

And… of course they’re great people. They’re all vampires ;).

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Don’t waste. Donate!

So we’ve convinced people 🙂 Great ad, isn’t it?

Anyway, go donate blood. Or COME donate your blood! 🙂

Explore the “Carpathian Garden” brand

Has your Romanian friend been somewhat distant of late? Don’t worry, it’s got nothing to do with you. (S)He has just been preoccupied – engaged in a multi-headed monster debate that has been raging across the nation.

Apparently, in its infinite wisdom, the Romanian tourism ministry has attempted to Read more of this post

A world without Romania

I just saw this movie at Cabral’s and realized I’d seen it before but forgotten to post it here. It’s what we’re talking about, and if a picture says a 1000 words, a movie shows a 1000 pictures.

Here’s about how the world would have looked like without Romania. Ok, a promo in disguise, but at least it has its learning value:

Travelling into the unknown

“Trying to compete with the west when it comes to tourism cannot succeed if the locations and infrastructure are as poor as they are in Romania. Romania’s beaches and ski resorts are promoted abroad even though they cannot possibly compete with what Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia and Hungary have to offer – not to mention France, Spain and Italy.


My view is that Romania’s original culture is in its villages, forests and mountains. In the villages you can see original architecture, buildings which have been made from local materials, by local people, often painted in home made colours. Here you can see people working the land as they have done for centuries; and techniques of cultivating, storing, transporting and selling food that has been forgotten in the west centuries ago. You can also meet people who are friendly, open, curious and funny.”

A refreshing take on what Romania has to offer to foreign travellers. By Rupert Wolff Murray, here:

source: Ane. thanks.