Nadia Comăneci

She’s probably the most famous Romanian alive, but that’s not the only reason why she goes first. And “ladies first” is also not the main reason. The reason is that Nadia is probably the only public character ALL Romanians LOVE.

Her story is hollywood-esque. Coming from a poor family in a remote corner of Romania, she became multiple Olympic Champion in Montreal 1976 at the age of 14 (child labor, if you think about it now), and that with style, scoring the first perfect 10 in Gymnastics. Ever. They just couldn’t find any flaw. It became totally iconic also because the scoring machine showed “1.00” – people (and she) thought at first oops, that’s a very bad score, but actually the machine did not have 2 digits, was not prepared for perfection.

In the last decades, Gymnastic routines have become much more complicated, much more difficult. And yet, even today when watching her routine at the uneven bars, you wonder – how did she do it? I have seen NO ONE (except …her again, later) matching that routine. Watch:

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