Sergiu Celibidache

Conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic from 1945-52 and then lifetime conductor of the Munich Philharmonic (1979-96), Sergiu Celibidache is the greatest Romanian conductor and one of the world all time greats.

One of those rare characters difficult to work with (obsessive perfectionist), but funny at the same time, his concerts were not only about music, but an experience.

Pianist Eileen Joyce said that Celibidache was the greatest conductor she ever worked with, and “the only one who got inside my soul.” (quote from Wikipedia)

Talking about rehearsals and how many times he corrects the players, Celibidache says: “How many ‘nos’ are there? Billions. How many ‘yes’? One.”

Documentary below:

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One response to “Sergiu Celibidache

  1. Horia June 5, 2016 at 00:41

    Celi was born in Roman, Neamt County, Romania. It is expected that till 2020 his house be rehabilitated in a museum…

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