Transylvania grabs top spot in Lonely Planet list for 2016

“Put the crucifix away and discard that bulb of garlic – you won’t be needing them in today’s Transylvania, which blows away stereotypes faster than the flapping wings of a bat out of hell. Yes, horses and carts still rumble through the wooded countryside, but they’ll soon share the roads with Uber cabs ferrying visitors to chic Airbnb lodgings. Look past the ‘Count Drankula’ T-shirts and you’ll notice an ever-increasing number of art galleries, good value ski resorts and epic nature tours.”

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Lonely Planet #1

Middle Earth vs. Romania

The crumbling beauty of Bucharest

“Imagine a city that tells a story without saying a word, a city that lets its structures narrate a history fraught with ambition, upheaval, violent oppression, and reclamation.

Imagine a city standing ponderously on a somewhat dusty crossroad of the past, the present, and the near future.

Do so, and you will be imagining Bucharest.”


Romania through Brazilian eyes

60 things Fernando from Brazil learned about Romania:

“1 – Dracula is a vampire outside Romania.
2 – The same dude, Vlad Tepes, is a national hero.
3 – While vampires drink blood, the real red thing I loved to drink was Visinata.

8 – I believe Romanians prefer to keep their floor clean rather than their lungs.
9 – Traveling in Romania is one of the best memories I have. Rivers, canyons, hills, mountains… They have it all
10 – While traveling in Romania you will go through Romanian roads. They are in good condition, but they have an absurd amount of curves.

46 – My preferred way of practicing Romanian is with drivers that have me a ride by the road.
47 – They would often say what the hell am I doing in such a country if am Brazlian.
48 – These drivers didn’t know that Romanian healthcare system is great, it has a lower murder rate than Norway and is the fastest growing economy from Eastern European countries.
49 – Generally Romanians complain about Romania. They will find a way to complain about it. Politics, economy, society…
50 – They are wrong.

All 60 here:

Dancing Bucharest

”I’m a photographer from Romania, who usually takes pictures of dance scenes at the theater in Bucharest.

Three years ago, I decided to move dancers to the urban space and created the ‘Dancing Bucharest’ project. The city is alive and spontaneous. It’s a source of pleasure and inspiration, unlike a simple studio. I felt that images had their own personality and soul.”


“When Jane Long stumbled upon a stash of old portraits by the Romanian photographer Costica Acsinte, she knew she was on to something special. So she took his pictures, coloured them in and added some bizarre props – like donkey ears, flocks of skeleton birds and pelicans wearing hats”


More about Costică Acsinte:

Things to do in Bucharest

“1. Gawk Until You Drop at the Palace of Parliament.
2. Glimpse a Piece of Old ‘Paris’

6. Indulge in 21st-Century Art

9. Drink and Dance Through the Old City

The rest till 10, with comments, from National Geographic:

The Atlas of Beauty

“The Atlas of Beauty is a project which aims to challenge the ideals of beauty dictated by the women’s fashion magazine industry.

Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc travelled to 37 countries in search of diverse female beauties in their twenties to prove than beauty can only be measured by the eyes that are looking.”

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Happy Women’s Day!

(every day should be Women’s Day, not only March 8th 😉

Funny Romanian expressions

“1. A Romanian is not “surprised”…his “face has fallen off” (I-a picat fața).

8. A Romanian is not “extremely tired” … he’s “cabbage.” His life is not “chaotic” … it’s “cabbage.” And his room is not “a complete mess” … it’s also “cabbage” (Varză).

13. A Romanian is not “crazy” … he’s “gone on a raft” (Dus cu pluta).”

This is one of my favorites. In a more extensive variant, it’s “gone with the raft on the pipe-line” (dus cu pluta pe conductă)

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Transylvania at 5am

“I like to use the rich morning and evening light for a dramatic effect. Waking up at 5 AM, searching for a view-point, waiting for the perfect light and finding an outstanding element in the landscape around me – that’s my perfect recipe for transposing my feelings and my mood into a simple photo.”

Maramureș county early mornings, with Alex Robciuc, here:, via