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Braşov, the Romanian Krakow

Constrasting with the crowded capital, always in a hurry and pointedly materialistic, a oasis of beauty and color, with historic and spiritual focus, but without losing the atmosphere and energy of an “important city” – that is Krakow for Poland, and that is Braşov for România.

I’m pleasantly impressed by Braşov (read: Brashov, accent on “o”). I knew it’s nice in the townhall swuare, Piaţa Sfatului. But this time, thanks to my friend N. (a.k.a. Q-S) I had the pleasure of an insider tour exactly matching my taste (we are not friends by mistake :): fast, intense, combining touristic and non-touristic insights, in the company of a good friend. There’s nothing more I’d wished for.

“Have you been to the Small Fortress (Cetăţuie)?”
“To Salomon’s Rocks (Pietrele lui Solomon)?”
“To Schei, the old neighborhood?”
“Good. Then I know the route.”

And off we went. We had 4 hours, and we used them to the max.

We walked up to Read more of this post