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Why Romania is worth the trip

“It rained almost the whole time, a bone-chilling drizzle. We lost our rental car reservation because my husband and I showed up without our driver’s licenses. I cracked my ribs on a waterslide. But in the end, Romania was our best family vacation yet.

Last fall we decided to pack up our three elementary-school-age children for a week in Bucharest and Transylvania. We mapped out a journey that included a couple of days in the nation’s capital city as well as a road trip to Brasov and into the Carpathian Mountains.

Why Romania? That’s the question all of our friends asked, those who bothered to give voice to what their raised eyebrows were already saying when we told them our destination. To them, it seemed an odd spot for a European vacation. But we wanted something a little off the beaten path, and we were in search of more time in nature than we thought destinations like London or Madrid could offer.”




Braşov, the Romanian Krakow

Constrasting with the crowded capital, always in a hurry and pointedly materialistic, a oasis of beauty and color, with historic and spiritual focus, but without losing the atmosphere and energy of an “important city” – that is Krakow for Poland, and that is Braşov for România.

I’m pleasantly impressed by Braşov (read: Brashov, accent on “o”). I knew it’s nice in the townhall swuare, Piaţa Sfatului. But this time, thanks to my friend N. (a.k.a. Q-S) I had the pleasure of an insider tour exactly matching my taste (we are not friends by mistake :): fast, intense, combining touristic and non-touristic insights, in the company of a good friend. There’s nothing more I’d wished for.

“Have you been to the Small Fortress (Cetăţuie)?”
“To Salomon’s Rocks (Pietrele lui Solomon)?”
“To Schei, the old neighborhood?”
“Good. Then I know the route.”

And off we went. We had 4 hours, and we used them to the max.

We walked up to Read more of this post