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Ultimate survival – Transylvania

Bear Grylls, the Discovery Channel survival expert, has been dropped (literally) in the Transylvanian forest, a place “crawling with brown bears”. There you go, Bear.

If you want to have a first-hand look at the wild Carpathian mountains, check out the movies below. Carpathians are considered ideal for hiking, being not as high as the highest Alps, thus more accessible on foot, but high enough to be challenging (Bear can testify). As opposed to the Alps, you find wide uninhabited territories (or, at least, not by humans), great wildlife (read: “big”) and outstandingly diverse landscapes.

Here’s what happened to crazy Bear:

Part 1

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Bucegi Mountains – living legends

Bucegi are probably the most hiked mountains in Romania, due to their straightforward location when you look up North from Bucharest.  Oh, and their beauty…

In old Romanian language “a bucegi” means “to choose” – these are “the chosen” mountains; and some of the events occuring in the area  (see below) give a true meaning to their name.

Two major tourist attractions are located at above 2200m altitude (2216m, to be precise): the Sphinx , an old stone looking like a human face, apparently formed by wind erosion, and the closeby ” Old Women” (Romanian: Babele), a rock formation resembling human silhouettes.


People talk about an old special traveling route in these mountains, called “the silver belt of the world”, 8 hours long and quite difficult, with a lot of ups and downs – yet at the end nobody feels tired, but relaxed and joyful. Some say that’s because this route overlaps with a major energy flux of the planet. It starts in Valea Doamnelor (The Ladies Valley), and continues to Omu Peak (2505m), the summer route of Babele, Piciorul Cocor, and the Ialomiţa Cave in Valea Horoabelor, the most beautiful valley in the Bucegi mountains.

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