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Halloween special – staking out the castle of Dracula

“The ruins of Poienari Castle sit high on a mountain peak with a seemingly never-ending vista looking out over deep gorges, charcoal-gray cliffs and mountain streams. It’s a natural paradise, but we did not make the trip to this castle just for the awesome view. Visitors come for its connection to history’s most famous vampire, Dracula.
Poienari Castle is not on the main tourist route. In fact, it’s pretty hard to get there. Public transportation is infrequent, and the big tourist town in the region, Brasov, is hours away.
The signs warn it is 1480 concrete steps straight up. I can’t imagine an army hoping to take the castle. It’s hard enough taking the modern stairs.”

Read the rest of CNN Aaron Cooper’s travel report here.

Brand Dracula – to be, or not to be

Romanian tourism minister Elena Udrea recently declared that she will not include the brand “Dracula” in the Romanian tourism development strategy (Google English translation of the article, here).

Her point of view got endorsed by the owner of the castle, Duke Dominic of Habsburg, who made a similar statement (translation here).

None of the above statements mention anything about any evaluation or analysis they might have done on what the “brand Dracula” actually represents, or maybe how much it is “worth” – e.g., Read more of this post