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Easter traditions

Decorated branches

On Friday before Easter, unmarried young male villagers get together in groups and go into the forest to fetch branches. On Saturday morning they decorate the branches with red eggs and colored ribbons, and in the evening they sneak into the unmarried girls’ yards, to decorate their house doors.
In the meantime, girls wait at the window, curious (as always) to see what’s going on – the more branches you get, the more boys like you.


According to a tradition borrowed from Germans and Hungarians, the next day after Easter, Transylvanian men spray/sprinkle women with perfume on their hair, to keep them beautiful for the rest of the year. The Easter sprinkling custom is a party opportunity, especially for those who have been fasting. Young men start their tour around noon, after church service, older men are doing this later on. Girls reward sprinklers with sponge cakes, eggs and, of course, drinks. It is said if a girl isn’t sprinkled, she won’t have any luck the whole year.

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Easter food

Painted eggs

Painted eggs symbolize Jesus’ tomb, which opened when Jesus returned to life, therefore when knocking and breaking two eggs against each other (as well as when people meet) a set greeting formula is used – “Jesus has risen!” “He has risen indeed!”
Apparently, people knocking red Easter eggs will meet each other in Heaven. The eggs also symbolize spring rejuvenation.
In popular tradition, Easter eggs have miraculous powers: curing diseases, protecting animals and keeping away from evil.
Knocking/breaking eggs means God’s primordial sacrifice; people follow certain rules: the oldest person in the family knocks the top of his egg with the top of his partner’s egg, held in his hand, saying: ‘Jesus has risen”, and the other one answers: “He has risen indeed”.

Other food on the table

Pasca” is a traditional cake made only once a year – always for Easter. It has a round shape, a cross in the middle and knitted dough around it.

The “drob” is made of lamb grounded entrails (kidneys, liver, heart), seasoned, rolled in a lamb midriff and cooked in the oven.