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Travelling into the unknown

“Trying to compete with the west when it comes to tourism cannot succeed if the locations and infrastructure are as poor as they are in Romania. Romania’s beaches and ski resorts are promoted abroad even though they cannot possibly compete with what Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia and Hungary have to offer – not to mention France, Spain and Italy.


My view is that Romania’s original culture is in its villages, forests and mountains. In the villages you can see original architecture, buildings which have been made from local materials, by local people, often painted in home made colours. Here you can see people working the land as they have done for centuries; and techniques of cultivating, storing, transporting and selling food that has been forgotten in the west centuries ago. You can also meet people who are friendly, open, curious and funny.”

A refreshing take on what Romania has to offer to foreign travellers. By Rupert Wolff Murray, here:


source: Ane. thanks.