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Romanians SOUND good

This time it is not about the Romanian modern music with its dance stars and singers. Inna is another story, O-zone is in the past and the Eurovision competition is a lovely memory (to some). This time it is about sacred music, a heavenly beautiful music:

SOUND is the name of a Romanian choir which sings sacred music, besides a large and varied repertoire.

This year the SOUND choir returned from the Ohrid Choir Festival with two awards: the Grand Prize and the Prize for best interpretation of the Macedonian Choral Competition held between 26-29 August.

A very special impression produced Dan Voiculescu’s piece, “Pater Noster”.  Victor Voiculescu, the leader of the group said:  Read more of this post

Pro Etnica

The “Pro Etnica” festival I stumbled upon in Sighişoara is a fine thing. Most minorities in Romania send artists who perform on a scene in the main square of the medieval citadel, songs, dances and what not. The crowd is not as big and crazy like at the medieval festival, creating a very laid-back atmosphere. There are many foreing tourists in this period, and together with the locals they are good customers for the few local handicraftsmen

who come to Read more of this post